Contributing Authors

The Team Losh Compilation is a collection of stories donated by authors and fanfiction writers from around the world. The compilation will be available in electronic formats (.pdf, Kindle, Nook, etc) on January 31st, 2012.

Participating Authors:

Authors who have signed up to contribute an original short story or fanfiction one-shot, and banner artists who have signed on to help provide banners are:

albionidaho - Original Short Story
aleighy (will be providing banners to those who need them)
AmyZini - Fanfiction
A.K. Morgen - Original Short Story
Avi Lance (no link)- Original Short Story
beegurl13 (will be providing banners to those who need them)- Fanfiction
CharliDenae - Fanfiction
ChrstphrReynaga - Original Short Story
Dragonfly336 - Fanfiction
Garrett Cook - Original Short Story
GemmaH- Fanfiction
Grant Wamack- Original Short Story
hongkongphooey - Fanfiction
jacndaniel - Fanfiction
Joseph Bouthiette Jr. - Original Short Story
J. Howard (no link) - Original Poem
Kitsushel - Fanfiction
les16- Fanfiction
One Brave Lamb - Fanfiction
prettykittyartist - Fanfiction
Spike Marlowe - Original Short Story
SunshineGal3 - Fanfiction
theraingirl- Fanfiction
Vampire Extraordinaire- Fanfiction
writerinmydreams007- Fanfiction

If you would like to sign up, please fill out the form located here. Submission guidelines, author prizes and additional information can also be found on the author sign-up page!