Feb 28, 2012

Fandom for Preemies

Team Losh is proud to announce that we've partnered with Fandom for Preemies to raise funds for the March of Dimes via the March for Babies program!

From now until April 15th, authors can sign up to write a short story for the Fandom for Preemies Compilation. Anyone who donates $5 to the March of Dimes through our March for Babies team, or via the Fandom for Preemies Virtual Band from March 1st to April 15th will receive the compilation on May 1st, 2012.

For those of you not familiar with Fandom for Preemies, in November of 2010, the group raised over $5,000.00 for the March of Dimes via a compilation drive just like this. Over 100 authors participated, and hundreds from around the world donated to the March of Dimes as participants. The Compilation was over 1000 pages in length, and featured stories from authors in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

This year, they decided to sponsor Team Losh, who have been members of Fandom for Preemies or huge supporters of the effort from the beginning, as they march for babies, in an effort to support not only the March for Dimes, but the individual families and walkers who are advocating for children like Aloshua. Ayden, who is a captain for both Team Losh and the Fandom for Preemies effort, wanted to combine the two campaigns and allow Team Losh to help give back in a major way.

As Aloshua's family can tell you first hand, the March of Dimes can make a HUGE difference. Thanks in part to their work, Aloshua has overcome incredible odds for six years and is able to remain at home with his family. Thousands of children like him are not so lucky. Many premature infants never make it home from the hospital. Annually, one million infants die because of prematurity related complications like Aloshua experienced. It's Team Losh's goal to help ensure that as many of these precious children are given a chance at life as possible, and we are thrilled to join Fandom for Preemies as they help the March of Dimes realize this goal.

We hope that each and every one of you will join us in helping make a difference for the 543,00 babies like Losh that will be born early in the United States this year by making your $5 donation to the organization via Fandom for Preemies or Team Losh's March for Babies team!

For more information on Fandom for Preemies please visit http://fandomforpreemies.blogspot.com/. You can check out the March for Babies program and donate at: http://marchforbabies.org/team/TeamLosh. Questions can be emailed to fandomforpreemies@gmail.com or tweeted to @Fandom4Preemies.

All our best,
Your Team Losh Captains

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