Feb 21, 2012

Benefit Dinner and Concert Roundup

Hello again, Team Losh!

This Saturday (the 18th) was the benefit dinner and concert, and Team Losh had a great time! Not only were we able to raise $1,211.00 for Aloshua, but because of you, we were able to feed everyone at Jacob's Place (the homeless shelter in Searcy), and make a large (and much needed!) donation of household goods (such as disposable plates, and silverware) and canned food to the Ronald McDonald House of Little Rock. That brings our total to over $5,000.00, or enough to cover one month of medication for Aloshua! Way to go team!!!

We have also been able to locate a mechanic who has volunteered to provide parts and his time to make repairs to Aloshua's van. The total cost for his family will now be less than $1,000.That's over $2,500.00 that his family no longer has to worry about. We're still working diligently with various organizations to find a replacement IPV machine, and have had some potential good news in that direction, as well. As soon as we have a solid plan, we will let all of you know. :)

Now, onto the big night!

Aloshua had a fantastic time listening to Broken Chains and Hunter West perform. Everyone kept commenting on how incredibly happy he looked, and he really did. The kid loves music, and he was completely awed that they were there for him. Broken Chains gave him the set of drumsticks Darren Grordon used after their set, and Hunter gave him the harmonica he'd used during his set. Let's just say that Losh was one awed little superhero. He's still carrying them around, and probably will be for a very long time. So we'd like to say a HUGE thank you to Broken Chains and Hunter for giving him such a great memory.

And we'd like to thank each and every one of you, too. Despite a few kinks in the day (our sound equipment donation guy was MIA, the flower shop where we'd ordered balloons closed earlier than they told us they would, and some of our volunteers were unable to make it), the night was a great success, and that's because of you! There were between 100 and 150 of you in attendance throughout the night, and you raised over $1,000.00. That's phenomenal!

We'd also like to thank: Sexton Foods of Bald Knob, Mayflower Foods of Searcy, Renee Reed and Hour of Power of Velvet Ridge, Barbara Louise Salon of Searcy, Which Wich of Searcy, Froyo of Searcy, Quattlebaum Music of Searcy, Mobile Monkey of Searcy, Clark's Drug Store of Bald Knob, Christy Yates, Beautiful Noise of Searcy, Renae Cote, everyone who volunteered their time to work the event or donated, and the Mark Pate Law Firm of Searcy for their generous support.

Below are some of the videos and pictures from the night (in no particular order)!


Welcome to Team Losh!

Losh and Abby eating

Donation drop off table, featuring pictures of Aloshua

Losh and Abby playing with Aunt Jessica's phone

Aunt Jessica rocking her Team Losh tee

Courtney and Kaia handing out raffle prizes

A very hyper little princess

Make a Wish table

Ronald McDonald House table

March of Dimes table

Broken Chains performing

Broken Chains table

Broken Chains

Broken Chains drummer, Darren Gordon

Aloshua's grandma, great grandma, and Carmella manning the admissions table

Uncle CJ preparing the drink table

Losh taking a break by the MoD table

Losh's table
Losh and Great Aunt Janice

Hunter West performing

Playing with his drumsticks

Very happy with his gifts from BC and HW

Watching Hunter perform

Some of the crowd watching BC perform

Thank you gifts for the performers

Food set-up

Mom posing at the beginning of the night

The donation to the Ronald McDonald House

Photo board of Aloshua's first year

Thank YOU for helping make such a difference for one very special little boy.

All our love, 
Your Team Losh Captains

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