Jan 4, 2012

Meet the Family

After reading about Aloshua, many of you have asked about the rest of the family. We'd like to take a few minutes to introduce the important people in Aloshua's life to you.

Mom: Courtney

Aloshua's mom, Courtney (age 26), is a single mother of three. She's also a full time college student just a few months from graduating with her BS in Criminal Justice, an advisory board member for the Arkansas Center for Respiratory Technology Dependent Children, an Arkansas Children's Hospital volunteer, and one of the primary education teachers at her church. Her friends like to call her super-mom. Not only does she care for the children, she home-schools them as well.

In her spare time, she bakes enough goodies to feed an army, fixes up the old house she and the kids share, plans little parties for the kids and their friends, and is training for a marathon or two. Courtney is also a lifestyle blogger. You can catch up on her daily life at: http://lifeasaconvert.blogspot.com/

Brother: Kaia
Kaia is Aloshua's slightly older brother... he's only 9 and a half months older and, like Losh, was a preemie. He was born at 29 weeks gestation and had no problems at all. In fact, everyone was stunned that he came home from NICU after only 3 weeks and no serious problems!

Kaia is seven now and in the second grade. He takes his big brother role seriously and patiently teaches his younger siblings everything he thinks a little kid should know. Kaia attends speech therapy once a week, and is our karate superstar. He loves video games, magic tricks, spy gear, spending time with his Nanny Fallon in Little Rock, hanging out with his grandpa, and listening to music. He's our sensitive little boy. He takes things to heart and is incredibly compassionate and loving.When he grows up, he wants to be Edward Cullen or a tiger...he's not sure which is better yet.

Sister: Aybra (Abby)
Aybra (or Abby) is three years old and, like Losh and Kaia, was a preemie. Abby was born at 26 weeks gestation and weighed only 1 pound 9 ounces. Unlike Losh, however, Aybra breezed through being a preemie with relatively few problems. She's now three years old and claims she is Aloshua's big sister.  She also swears that she's five years old.

Aybra loves jewelry, boots, Dora, driving her brothers insane, and her Uncle 'Ney. The girl is a complete character, and blurts out the most random, off the wall stuff. She keeps us laughing with her antics and divatude. Aloshua is, hands down, her best friend in the entire universe, and she loves hanging out with him, taking him for spins in his wheelchair, or playing imaginative games with him. Her brothers, and cousin Jayden, take her role as the baby in the family seriously and spoil her rotten. 

Grandma: Debbie
Super-mom though Courtney may be, it's virtually impossible to raise three normal, healthy kids alone. Add a child like Aloshua to the mix, and even super-mom needs a little help. Courtney's mom, Debbie (Grandma Debbie to the kids) lives with Courtney and the kids and helps her out. The kids love living with their grandma, who fully believes that it's her job to spoil them rotten.

Debbie works full-time at a convenience store in Bald Knob, and otherwise spends her time with the kiddos, reading her favorite romance novels, or playing on Facebook.

Other important people in Aloshua's life include Aunt Jessica, Uncle CJ and cousin Jayden, Great-Grandma Lois, Grandpa Jerry, Uncle Courtney, and Aunt Fallon, as well as a host of extended family members who have made it their mission in life to spoil Aloshua and his siblings completely rotten.

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