Jan 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

Team Losh has started off the New Year with a bang.

As the last post here noted, we've finally gotten all of the details hammered down for the Skate for Losh fundraiser at Thrills on Wheels in Searcy, AR! Those of you locally who would like to join us are welcome to do so. We'll be there from 4:30 to 6:30pm with Aloshua if he's up for it, and would love for you to come out and meet him. His mom's only request is that, for obvious reasons, you pass on the event if you're not feeling well.

Aloshua was also featured in a news article in The Daily Citizen in today's edition. Subscribers can view it online at: http://thedailycitizen.com. Those who aren't subscribed but would like to see it can purchase 24 hour access for .75 cents (Visa/Mastercard only) on the website. Courtney has promised to send a picture or two along to post here for all of you as well.

Aloshua spent the 1st with family and lots of food. For a kid who doesn't gain weight, he sure can eat. As his mom pointed out to everyone the other day, you can tell when he has a plate of food in front of him because he's smiling in those pictures instead of giving us the hands:

We get the hands a lot. That said, the kiddo is not camera shy at all. He just has to be in the mood for a picture, or behind the camera:

He and his sister are always stealing the camera to take pictures of themselves, the walls, random objects...anything in their line of sight is fair game. These two are so cute together. Abby is three, but swears the Losh is her little brother (she also swears that she's five). Naturally, he takes offense to this and they argue. A lot. In true kid fashion, they love each other again thirty seconds later. They've been like this since Abby came home. In fact, one of the first things I (Fallon) remember about her being home from NICU was hearing both of them screaming bloody murder and walking into Aloshua's room to find their hands clenched in each others hair, pulling away while Aloshua's nurse and Courtney tried to pry them apart. Both were screaming and crying, but neither was willing to let go first. Kids, right? :)

Aloshua has been in high spirits, and has been enjoying his Christmas gifts. Since he can't walk, he usually crawls everywhere around the house since it's easier than convincing his sister to stop bugging him for a turn navigating the wheelchair all the time. A few months ago, however, someone gave the kids a little skateboard, and he discovered the ability to roll his way around the house. For Christmas, he wanted a skateboard, so Santa looked everywhere for one. He now gets around like this:

Score one for ingenuity, right? Now we just need to find the boy a helmet that will fit.

We hope you are all enjoying the New Year, and are spending your vacation time surrounded by loved ones and laughter.

More soon, 
Your Team Losh Captains

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