Nov 22, 2011

Sick Little Buddy and Thrills on Wheels

Aloshua has not been feeling well tonight. That's him below, cuddled up on his mom's lap and hiding beneath a blanket. He was crying. :( Poor guy. His oxygen saturation levels were a little low and his heart rate a little high, so she had to put him on oxygen again. He's started feeling a little better in the last half hour or so and demanded Courtney take his oxygen off again. That's always a good sign. :) We'll keep you updated on how he's feeling!
Also, stay tuned for information about Team Losh skating events at Thrills on Wheels in Searcy, Arkansas. All proceeds from the 2 hour events will be donated by the organization to Aloshua. We will post all of the details and a schedule as soon as we've got it all pinned down. :)

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