Nov 21, 2011

Aloshua's Weekend

Hi everyone!

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Losh before the MRI last week

Aloshua did really well over the weekend. He's still got the most foul smelling junk coming from his trach (gross, right? Believe me, we know!) because of the infection, but he's been in really high spirits since the MRI. He actually lost his second tooth last night. He was pretty ticked at his grandma for pulling it, but I think he's forgiven her now that the tooth fairy has paid him another visit.

He made a new friend on Friday and was ecstatic over the new hat he received.

Losh and his new aviator hat.
And then he and his sister spent part of the weekend decorating their pink Christmas tree. When Aloshua first came home on the ventilator, we would decorate his room for every holiday since he spent about 22 out of every 24 hours in there. Now that he's a little more mobile, his room still gets decorated, but he just loves helping to decorate the rest of the house too.

They can only reach the bottom half.
His next appointment is December 1st with neurology and spina bifida clinic.

For those not familiar, the spina bifida clinic is held at certain times each month. On those days, a patient with spina bifida will see anywhere from one clinic (such as neurology) to every clinic that is involved with caring for a spina bifida patient (neurology, urology, rehab, nutrition, etc). Because these children are often seen by so many different clinics, all of their doctors come in on designated days so they can see as many as possible on one day versus having to go in on multiple days to see everyone, so a visit can go from 8am to 5pm those days. It's pretty intensive, but it's so much easier than having 10 different appointments on 10 different days!

We're hoping it's all good news on the 1st and everything is looking good in there. To be honest, we're a little nervous over the results of the MRI.

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Team Losh is also hosting a Virtual 5K Run for Aloshua. The entry fee is $25.00 and there will be prizes awarded as well. You can learn more and sign up to participate here!

Remember that donations should be made at the GiveForward page and receipts can be forwarded to for the compilation! If you would like to donate another way, please contact us (see below!).

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Thank you, everyone, for all of your hard work for our little hero.

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