Jan 26, 2012

New Event and Test Results

If you follow TeamLosh on Twitter, you've probably already seen the latest, but for those of you that haven't we have a few updates for you!

Larry's Pizza Event:
On February 2nd, the Homeschool 4H club in Searcy, Arkansas will be hosting a fundraiser for Aloshua at Larry's Pizza in Searcy. From 4:30pm to close, Larry's will donate $1 of every buffet sold, as well as all tips, to Aloshua. A big thank you to Amelia and the 4H Club for putting this together for Aloshua. We hope to see some of you there!

Team Losh Compilation:
The Compilation has been sent to authors for review before being sent out to everyone, and it looks great. We are so excited to get it out to all of you! You can expect it to start hitting your inbox on January 31st. Please remember that we need you to forward your receipt or your email address and name to us so we can make sure that you get it! This is particularly important if you donated at an event, by mail or through GiveForward as we may not have your email address.

Test Results:
Aloshua had a lot of tests at his Pulmonology appointment last week and a swallow study with ENT today. We were hoping for good results from all of it, but they just were not in the cards this time around. While the pseudo infection hasn't gotten any worse, Aloshua has a staph infection in his trach and will start another antibiotic for that today. This isn't unusual for Aloshua. He gets staph very easily and is on contact precautions anytime he's hospitalized for his safety simply because he does get the infections very easily and they can get pretty bad for him. So, while discouraging, that news wasn't entirely unexpected.

The swallow study is a different matter altogether, however. During the swallow study, he did great with the solid foods, but aspirated (the liquid went into his lungs instead of into his stomach) both regular and nectar thick liquids, so he has to be put back on honey thickened liquids. He hasn't had to have thickened liquids since 2008, so we were not expecting that at all today. It's a little discouraging because it is a step back by about 3 years, but it's in his best interest, so naturally that's all we need to know to make it happen.

Hopefully the next round of tests will look better and he'll get some good news. It's definitely long overdue for him. But despite all of the recent setbacks and not feeling well, he's been in very high spirits and has been keeping his mom and grandma on their toes as per usual. We can't ask for more than that. :)

All our love, 
Your Team Losh Captains

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