Dec 11, 2011


To date, you've raised over $700.00, and donated over $400.00 in raffle prizes. You've also helped sign up 19 authors (fandom and original fiction authors alike) and 6 of you have signed on to challenge yourselves in the virtual 5k. Congratulations and thank you so much from everyone here at Team Losh!

Aloshua has had an up and down weekend. He's feeling okay, but he's really "junky" and coughing so much, it's aggravated his airways and he's coughing up blood from his trach again. Despite it, he's been in high spirits as usual. He was a little ticked at grandma last night for making him go to bed, but has otherwise been his angelic self. He and his siblings have been making and decorating ornaments for their trees (yes, plural!) and for yours!

Last week, Aloshua received a card from Ashlyn and had a blast carrying it around and showing everyone while he was at the doctor. Here's a little video of him doing knock knock jokes with the card. :) Thank you, Ashlyn!

Kaia, Aloshua's older brother, has always been a big part of Team Losh. He just adores his little brother and loves helping take care of him or buying him things. The other day, he decided he wanted to buy a painting from the Art Gallery. Courtney attempted to convince him that he could have it for free since it was one of his, but he was adamant that he was buying it with his allowance. He's such a sweetheart. Here's a little video of him talking about the fundraiser and the "surprise" coming to the Gallery (ornaments). The ornaments will post to the Gallery page shortly, so be sure to check it out and reserve yours :)

We also want to remind all of you to sign up for the March for Babies with us. You do not have to live in Arkansas to participate as part of Team Losh. You can sign up for your local event and still join Team Losh. Or, of course, you can sign up for another team. Regardless of what you decide, we do hope you will take some time and help us support the March of Dimes by walking with us this coming spring! 

All our love, 
Your Team Losh Captains

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