Dec 1, 2011

Two Percent

Our apologies for the update delay. It's been a busy post-holiday week for everyone behind the scenes at Team Losh.

In 14 days, you've donated $500.00 in cash and over $400.00 (estimated) in prizes. You've also bought $200.00 worth of Team Losh products from the store! Fifteen authors and two banner-artists have signed up to contribute to the compilation, and over 1,300 of you have stopped by the blog to find out more about Aloshua. That is phenomenal, and Team Losh and his family are amazed at the outpouring of support you have given since learning about his condition and the family's dilemma.

We still need your help though! We're only at about 2% of our goal, and the deadline is a month and a half away. $500.00 will cover only 3 days of the medication (4,500 for 28 days of medication averages a little over $160.70 a day) Aloshua needs, so we still have a long way to go!

Want to help but can't afford to donate? Email us at and let us know what you'd like to do. We fully understand how difficult this time of year can be on everyone, and would be more than happy to welcome you to the Team, no matter if you are donating an item, entering the raffle, designing a product, writing a story, spreading the word, or something else altogether. There is plenty for everyone to do and we won't turn away your help.

If you write and have not signed up to write for the compilation, we'd like to encourage you to do so. There is no length requirement. Your piece can be as long or as short as you want it to be. It can be fanfiction, poetry or original. Authors and banner artists will receive the compilation free of charge for their assistance and will also be entered into random drawings for one of 8 Starbucks gift-cards.You can find out more about the compilation and sign up here.

As for Aloshua himself... he is doing really well this week. He's been in a terrible mood since finding out on Sunday that he had to go see his new neurosurgeon today. He doesn't have bad days often, but when he does... he can be a handful. The appointment went well, however, and he left in a better mood than he arrived. He even offered to help catch the goldfish in the tank at the clinic for his mom's dinner. (Boy humor... you gotta love it!)

Using hand sanitizer before leaving the Neurosurgery Clinic today.

The MRI they did a couple of weeks ago showed a new cyst on his spine, but as of now, it's not a cause for major concern. His shunt looks great and, aside from the new cyst, his spinal cord is looking really good too. He may eventually need surgery for tethered cord again (there's some concern with the cyst growing so soon after his first tethered cord surgery), but for now, he's good to go in that department!

One of the neuro nurses who has been with him since birth confessed today that she never thought he'd be where is right now. As she told the neurosurgeon today, compared to where he was even two years ago... his progress has been awe-inspiring. He still has a long way to go, but he has come so far already. It's been an absolutely amazing experience to have watched him overcome so many obstacles over the years, and his nurse's words today were a wonderful reminder of just how blessed all of us have been with Aloshua.

After his appointment, he went out to lunch with the family and charmed the pants off of everyone in the restaurant. A gentleman named Argenty gave him and his siblings a handful of suckers, and the sweetest couple asked the waiter for permission to pay for his lunch. The waiter ended up just giving him and his siblings their meals for free.

He received a card from a dear friend today as well and has been carrying it around and showing everyone all day. He's incredibly proud of it. (Thanks, Ashlyn!!)

Thank you, everyone, for everything you have done in the last 14 days for Aloshua!

Be well,
Your Team Losh Captains

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